Everything You Need to Know about Bengal Cats – and Why They’re So Adorable

You may have seen a Bengal cat before, and this may have piqued your interest in having this breed of cat as your very own feline companion. Bengal cats, after all, are one of the most beautiful cat breeds around, and they’re definitely one-of-a-kind. But if you’re thinking of having your own Bengal cat, it would be a good idea to know everything you can about this special breed. Here’s everything you need to know about Bengal cats – and why they’re so adorable.

The basics on Bengal cats

Bengal cats come from the breeding of the standard domestic cat and the wild Asian Leopard cat, a small cat found in the wilds of – you guessed it – Asia. The breeders wanted a cat that exhibited the disposition of the domestic cat combined with the beautiful and unique markings (also called marbling, spots, or rosettes) of the Asian Leopard cat. The original hybrid, which is 50% domestic cat and 50% Asian Leopard cat, is called an F1. The F2 is a cross between an F1 and a domestic cat, and so on. The higher the ‘F’ number, the less they are related to the original Asian Leopard cat. If you are interested in acquiring Bengal kittens for sale, it would be best to opt for a 4th generation kitten (so, F4 or F5) onwards so they have a more domesticated temperament.

Their appearance

The appearance of a Bengal cat is quite distinctive, especially with the marbling or rosetted markings. The rosetted marks are rounded and have the appearance of doughnuts, whilst the marbling comes in horizontal stripes that swirl on the cat’s back and sides. The Bengal cat’s colours include snow (a cream or beige body with dark marbling or spots), orange-brown, silver, and melanistic, which is a black with even darker marbling or spots. Their eye colour can range from deep gold to bright yellow or even a sparkling green or icy blue.

Their behaviour

Bengals, from the time they are kittens, are particularly loyal, and tend to behave more like dogs than cats – they will follow you around, ask for attention, and will want to be part of whatever you are doing. They are also particularly intelligent – some would say even more intelligent than Siamese cats.

One special aspect about Bengal cats is their love for water. They’re often obsessed with it and can be found playing with water whenever they can – especially water from fountains and taps, which makes them different from other cat breeds.

Bengals can also be quite affectionate, and they can be territorial – so it’s best to train them early on to accept other animals. But Bengals actually like to be with other companions once they get used to it. They also love attention, so be prepared to give them the attention they need.

Image: Pixabay.com